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  • No Van Ministry Saturday 3rd, March
  • Fellowship Service Sunday 4th, March

LEADERS MEETING 10th February 2018.


Team communication & Collaboration


  • Communication app i.e. Google -Hangout- to facilitate  team Communication - prayer, notes updates    MS    20th Feb


  •  Appoint a “Connections Leader’                                                                                                            MS    20th Feb


  • To connect and evangelise                                                                                                                   MS    23th Feb


  • Connect with and disciple believer’s w scripture


  • Pray for people 


  • Announce AT EACH STOP ( or at Volunteers room) to the team who has come to Christ recently          MS    23th Feb                               

  • Bi-monthly team Social get together                                                                                                     MS    31st Mar


Discipleship “Next Steps”

Assist on the journey – “Next steps”                       
Key goal: from new believers to be established in Christ -firm

Salvation to Discipleship 
Discipleship Process

  • Connection                                 CL    Start 2nd March

•    Connection Leaders to connect with new believers
•    Connection Points - Thursday. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Bible study and phone calls
•    Personal connections – mentor/disciple
•    Coffee catch-ups

Bible                                     CL    Start 2nd March
•    “What happened” – card explain salvation ‘What happened and “Next Steps” 
•    Invite card to Sunday Fellowship Service with Bible app details (help get Bible on their phone)
•    Build relationship God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and Word
•    Foundations Bible study



Prayer                                    CL    Start 16th March
•    Prayer support- move them from dependent to independent - (being feed to feeding themselves)
•    Water baptism
•    Renewing mind = transformation and freedom bIBLE STUDIES



Support                                CL    Start 2nd March
•    Calls, catch-ups, connect to our and other services


Connection Leaders
Thursday – Michael S
Friday -  Jake 
Saturday Robin and Tommy
Sunday – Michael and Robin
Bible study – Robin and Michael



 ALL Weekly Van Min and Privately    March
Fervent prayer – we are and those on the Streets are in a spiritual battle.
We need to regularly pray for volunteers and those we serve.
Decreeing and declaring that God’s Kingdom will come in power and glory.




Leaders Neeting Minutes  - Download