Volunteer commitment and agreement

  • To accept direction and supervision from the coordinator or in his absence the Team leader.

  • To understand the vision and mission of Jesus Cares Ministry and work within its structure.

  • To work in a team environment.

  • Seek to act in accordance with Biblical truths.

  • To work within my own capabilities and not undertake tasks outside of my experience.

  • To disclose all existing medical conditions and medication that may affect my ability to safely volunteer now or in the the  future. 

  • To agree to only drive a Jesus Cares vehicle if I hold a valid NSW drivers License and take responsibility for any driving infringement or penalty incurred by myself.

  • To conduct myself in a safe manner.

  • All volunteers must be over 18.

  • By submitting a volunteer application I agree to the above  commitments if the application is successful.

  • You are insured under our Volunteer Insurance (a limited personal accident and medical cover)

  • Jesus Cares has Public and Products liability insurance.

Jesus Cares - Volunteer application form


I hereby confirm that I will be at least 18 years of age on the date of volunteering. I will take full care and responsibility for my own actions. I am fit and healthy enough to complete the volunteer. 

Thanks for your application!We will get back to you shortly.